Automotive innovation thrills us at FX Caprara Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, and surprising innovations exist throughout our Alexandria Bay, NY inventory. For example, let's consider Dodge's popular Durango, a mid-size SUV. You would correctly expect above-average performance and space from this model, but it also provides an impressive highway trip range that exceeds 600 miles.

Dodge manages the Durango's selection of powerful, efficient engines with computer tech that recycles excess heat. The system also employs variable valve timing, which causes the model's internal combustion chambers to burn fuel more efficiently. As a result, even the Durango's premium HEMI option can travel beyond 500 miles before you need to exit for fuel.

The automaker further enhances this SUV's trip range with an innovative transmission setup. It combines an automatic transmission, eight speeds, a wide gear spectrum, and two manual-shift options. To choose your Durango's shift points, try its wheel paddles or its trademarked Sinister Shifter. You'll enjoy extending your fuel's mileage in a Dodge Durango!

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