When Should You Inspect Your Car Tires?

Taking a few minutes to inspect your car tires before driving can reduce the chances of you having troubles on the road. Tire issues come in many forms, a few of them are listed below. If your tire suffers from any of these, make sure you bring your vehicle to the F.X. Caprara Dodge Jeep Chrysler RAM service center so our technicians can take care of it. .

Having bare spots appear on the tires is definitely something to take seriously because it means something is causing the issue with the tires, reducing the car's ability to grip the road and even leading to bigger troubles.

If you start to see the tire tread pulling away from the rest of the tire, get the car to a service center before you experience a blowout while driving.

Cracks in the tire can be nothing or something, this is an issue you might want to get in front of a trained eye.

Come to F.X. Caprara Dodge Jeep Chrysler RAM and our team will look at those concerns with your tires and let you know when new tires are needed.

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